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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Sammamish Town Center

  • What can we expect in terms of amenities?
    The Town Center will generate a variety of retailers like family-friendly and upscale restaurants, pubs, local stores, coffee shops and services that will reduce the need to travel off the plateau, saving residents time and money. There will be an abundance of open spaces with urban plazas, gardens and a trail system for walking and biking for ease of access to the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Are you building the whole Town Center?
    The City of Sammamish has designated approximately 240 acres for their Town Center Plan. STCA, LLC own 70% of the developable acres yet to be built within the Town Center designated area. Innovation Realty Partners, LLC (IRP) is the managing member of STCA, LLC and is responsible for managing the project and overseeing the development and completion of the Town Center. Please see "Who's the project team?" in the FAQ to learn more about our team.
  • How long will it take to build?
    The project will be phased in over several years. Phase 1 will provide services and amenities as well as a variety of housing choices including for purchase and for rent. It will also include 82,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Future phases will be built over time, as needed by the market.
  • Who's the Project Team?
    Innovation Realty Partners, LLC is the operating manager of the Town Center. They have assembled a leading team of experts who have extensive development experience as well as deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about our team. See icons below to share this FAQ.
  • How will the Town Center help our aging population?
    As of the last census, Sammamish residents have a median age of 39.2 years of age. Twenty percent of the population is aged 40-49. Twenty-nine percent of the population is over the age of 50. Many seniors want to downsize and they will have a greater chance of staying in Sammamish if there are more housing choices. For example, seniors downsizing from their single family homes (and possibly making this home available for someone else to buy or rent), can choose to remain in Sammamish in a townhome, apartment or in the Merrill Gardens senior living community, planned at the Town Center.
  • What are the plans for much needed senior housing?
    Many long-time residents leave Sammamish once their children leave home due to a lack of housing choices. Seniors are seeking a walkable community with amenities, activity and peers. Sammamish Town Center will have several options including a Senior Living Community operated by Seattle-based Merrill Gardens, a partner in the development of the Sammamish Town Center. They are excited to build a new community on the plateau that will offer Sammamish seniors an option to remain in the community.
  • I heard that building more apartments will just crowd our schools. We don't want more kids.
    The relationship between apartments and school enrollment is not linear. More apartment units do not always equal more children. Studies have shown that the make up of apartment dwellers in affluent communities tend to lean toward unmarried adults, single adult occupants and divorcees. Schools in Sammamish do plan for the future. Long-term planning and budgeting are part of planning additional student capacity. The Town Center project will boost property and sales tax receipts and includes $3.4 million dollars for Lake Washington School District. This fiscal benefit is equivalent to hiring 30 new teachers.
  • What about our environment?
    Helping the city realizes its Town Center Plan is the best way to manage growth and protect our environment. Sammamish will benefit greatly from a central transit-oriented community. Residents living in the various Town Center dwelling types will have fewer cars than single family homes. More services on the Plateau will create easy of access. Underground public parking and charging stations for electric vehicles will be provided. In addition to the already completed SE 4TH ST Improvements, there will be other improvements to provide a safe, efficient and attractive road system. And King County Metro is eager to support the Town Center with increased transit and has pledged to do so.
  • What about the future of our schools?
    The Town Center Project will boost property and sales tax receipts for the City and Lake Washington School District. Specifically it is estimated that more than $3.4 million* will go to Lake Washington School District which is equivalent to funding 30 additional teachers. As part of their Capital Facilities Plan, Lake Washington School District is focused on anticipating student populations by age and neighborhood. Lastly, the schools will have several years to plan for any new student population. You can learn more about their Capital Facilities Plan here. * Based on a study conducted by HR&A Advisors, Inc. To learn more about their study visit:
  • How can I stay up-to-date on Town Center activities?
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