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Public Benefits

Working to protect and enhance the well-being and quality of life in Sammamish
In addition to getting feedback from the City and community, we asked HR&A Advisors, Inc. to perform a third-party analysis of the market and projected benefits for residents, visitors and the City of Sammamish.

HR&A's findings are summarized below:

"The Town Center will bring new amenities to the plateau while preserving Sammamish’s undeveloped forests and expanding housing options for residents."


Residential Units
in a 90+ acre zone

Includes transfer of development rights that will allow the City to preserve the surrounding forested areas of Sammamish

$15 M+

Stormwater Investments

Plus improvements in regional stormwater management and support for expansion of the water and sanitary capacity 

~ 340K SF

Commercial Space

Includes social retail like family-friendly restaurants, pubs, stores and entertainment options


Workforce Housing Units

Including various housing choices and affordability levels to prevent residents from being priced out of Sammamish

"The Town Center will enhance Sammamish’s competitiveness as the Eastside grows and changes, generating important benefits for the city and community."  

Increased Economic Activity

Generate new economic activity with new commercial and retail offerings not currently found in Sammamish.

With open spaces and related programming, the Town Center is set to provide residents and visitors a novel shopping and dining experience


  • More than 80% of spending by Sammamish residents occurs at retailers outside the city.

  • Despite an increase in online shopping, a significant share of demand remains unmet in Sammamish.

Provide a Variety of Housing Choices

Offer a diversity of housing choices types so individuals and families can find a place to live that meets their unique needs and budget. 

  • The Project would provide an opportunity for teachers and retail workers to live in the communities where they work, fostering stronger community connections. 


One-Time and Ongoing Fiscal Benefits

Expand local tax base and place the City of Sammamish on a more sustainable fiscal trajectory.


One-Time BenefitThe Project is projected to generate $20M in one-time revenue to the city.

​Ongoing RevenueThe Project is projected to generate $3M in ongoing city taxes which equals a 6% increase in total tax revenue. This type of increase could be used for supporting:

  • 20 additional police personnel;

  • 24 additional firefighters; or

  • +54% in the parks and recreation budget.


How HR&A Advisors, LLC
Identified Community and City of Sammamish Benefits

Review Project and Scan the Market

  • Reviewed the proposed Town Center project 


  • Scanned the local market to:

    • ​Evaluate the appropriateness of the proposed program

    • Develop assumptions for economic and fiscal impact modeling


  • Reviewed publicly-available city budget information to develop assumptions for project modeling

Public Benefits Analysis

  • Projected economic and fiscal impacts for project construction and ongoing operations

  • Reviewed local and regional policy environment to inform additional benefits analysis

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