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Viable Cities

  • Every city across the U.S. is actively deciding how to evolve to meet the growing needs of their community.  

  • In Washington, with the guidance of the Growth Management Act, citizens and elected officials in Sammamish continue to work together to prepare a shared vision and plan for the future.

  • These decisions shape entire neighborhoods, have enormous implications for local government finances—which cascades through every other priority in the budget—and form the foundation of our communities as we know them.

Resources and Information

About the
Growth Management Act (GMA)

In Washington the GMA, first adopted in 1990, requires cities to manage their population growth.

Twenty-nine counties (including King county) and the cities in those counties currently plan under the GMA

GMA Success at the Local Level

  • Increased public participation in planning

  • City adopted Comprehensive Plans 

  • Sprawl reduction through concentrated urban growth. 

  • Standards to protect the environment

  • Fixed open space and recreational areas

  • Housing choices for a wider range of income groups

Sammamish Comprehensive Plan

In Sammamish the mission of the City's community development is: "To guide growth and change consistent with the community vision in the Comprehensive Plan."  

Click to Access the Comprehensive Plan

City of Sammamish
Town Center Information

The City's Town Center will provide the community with a diversity of much needed services and activities! Learn more about the City of Sammamish and the Town Center planning process, projects, background, resources, and more.

Click here to access the city website.

City of Sammamish Housing Action Plan

The City of Sammamish was awarded a Housing Action Plan and Implementation (HAPI) Grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to develop and adopt a Housing Action Plan. focused on expanding missing middle and affordable housing opportunities.


Click here to learn more.

City Community Visioning Project

What do you want Sammamish to look like in 2044? The city conducted a Community Visioning Project from fall 2021 to spring 2022. During this time they engaged with hundreds of residents, community members, and stakeholders to better understand the vision for the Sammamish’s future.

Click here to learn more.

TownCenter Plan
Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2050
Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2050.PNG

Over the next 30 years, the central Puget Sound region will add another million and a half people, reaching a population of 5.8 million. How can we ensure that all residents benefit from the region’s thriving communities, strong economy and healthy environment as population grows? Local counties, cities, Tribes and other partners have worked together with Puget Sound Regional Council to develop VISION 2050.

The City of Sammamish is a member of the Puget Sound Regional Council.

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